Manitowoc County DVC Flyers

Manitowoc County Domestic Violence Center

Non-Profit Manitowoc County Domestic Violence Center

Skills Adobe Indesign, Print Layout, Illustrator

Project description

Domestic Chef Flyer

I created a chef inspired flyer for the Manitowoc County DVC’s annual Domestic Chef fundraising event (2014, 2015, 2016). To emphasize this fun and tasty benefit, I illustrated a server with a tray presenting the event. The server draws attention to the 25 gourmet dishes that will be offered and the purple color scheme recognizes the donation worthy cause behind the event, Domestic Violence. (Purple is the official color of domestic violence awareness). This flyer is clean, modern, and has strong contrast which is intended to distinguish between the different kinds of content.

DVC Support Group Flyer

I designed this flyer with a goal to inform and encourage women to attend a domestic violence support group. This flyer draws on the emotional feelings of women affected by domestic violence. The color purple is most prominent, because it represents domestic violence and it’s one of the agency’s brand colors.