PR in Pumps Web Design

PR in Pumps Web Design

Company PR in Pumps

Skills WordPress, Web & UI Design, Photoshop

Project description

PR in Pumps is a PR agency focused on event production, writing, and social media.They are passionate about creating favorable reputations through several and different communication channels in the midwest. The owner, Samantha, wants people to know they’re organized, but also cool and fun.

PR in Pump’s target customers are other small businesses and individuals who are trendy and social but business minded. They are also likely to live in an urban setting and are 30-60 years old.

To help launch their new brand and identity we gave Samantha a custom designed logo and website. Based on their client’s demographics we gave PR in Pumps a style that was modern, social, minimalistic, clean, and eye-catching. It’s strong with hints of femininity.

The WordPress website includes a pagebuilder, slideshow, fun counters, a blog and portfolio of works. A contact form was created on the homepage for the purpose of new prospects or clients being able to reach her easily and quickly.

By including social media feeds and a blog it works towards her goal of creating transparency between the brand and social media. The website has balanced, simple square shapes and clean lines and colors, which supports her mission to be organized, but still be cool and fun.


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